Spring 2022

People who do things differently spark our curiosity, and this season we're on a journey to chase that spark.

This season we drew inspiration from a few really cool humans: An activist who fought her own battle and won, but didn't stop there; and two brothers from Oakland, CA who have taken a different approach to climbing. They pushed us to be more insightful and creative, and they encouraged us to take a look at the outdoor community with a fresh lens.

Nicole Ver Kuilen is fighting for the fundamental rights of amputees.

Through her work with The Range of Motion Project, Nicole is helping to raise global awareness and provide prosthetic care to amputees without access.

Nicole Ver Kuilen

“No one should ever have to go to this length to get access to something so basic and fundamental to our way of life.”
Learn more about how Nicole continuously strives to uplift others.

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ROMP Ecuador

The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is a global nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life for people with amputation through high-quality prosthetic care and follow up services. Our funding directly supports the organization's efforts in Ecuador, where amputation often coincides with poverty and loss of livelihood. ROMP Ecuador partners with local community leaders, prosthetists, and clinics in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to meet the needs of Ecuadorians with amputation.

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Malcolm and Pierre Alcutt can climb V10s, but to them, that's not their greatest climbing achievement.

The brothers have transcended beyond the physical elements of climbing to use it as a source for self expression, community building, and healing.

Malcolm & Pierre

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The Spring 2022 Collection features bold colors, versatile wearability, and purposeful features. Our goal was to inspire adventure and pursue designs that were a little outside of the ordinary.