Climate Neutral (CN) is a nonprofit organization that assists brands in measuring their carbon footprint and becoming 100% carbon neutral. With CN’s help, we've undergone the process of measuring our carbon footprint and working to offset those emissions.

How we got to net-zero
Step 1

We Measured

CN has a three-step process for certification. The first step? Creating a robust estimate of our carbon emissions for every aspect of our business. Cotopaxi's total carbon footprint is 13,859 tCO2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent).

The chart on the left shows a full breakdown of the emissions we generate: 13,859 tCO2e
Step 2

We Offset

After measuring our emissions, we worked with Pachama BEF to purchase carbon offsets from verified and vetted offset projects. Purchasing a carbon credit removes or avoids one ton of carbon from the atmosphere. When we purchase the same amount of carbon credits equal to our total calculated carbon footprint, we become carbon neutral.

Examples of offset projects from which we buy carbon credits:

  • Mersin Wind Project (Turkey)
  • Soluglu Wind Farm Project (Turkey)
  • AgroCortex Reforestation Project (Brazil)
  • Guyuan Wuhuaping Renewable Wind (China)
  • Manantiales Behr Wind Project (Argentina)
Step 3

We Are Reducing

In 2020, we worked to implement a comprehensive plan to ensure 100% of our assortment is made from recycled and sustainable materials. We are also working to eliminate single-use plastic by the end of 2022.

Reduction focus areas:

In 2021, we eliminated all single-use plastic materials in our packaging and replaced them with recycled or biodegradable materials. This year, we are working with our suppliers to reduce their emissions through insetting strategies and to meet our 3 Rs - repurposed, recycled and responsible . The 3Rs design principle requires our products to be made from recycled and third-party certified responsible materials, such as organic cotton.

Guaranteed for Good™

Built To Last. Sustainably Sourced. Ethically Made.

We make exceptional outdoor gear so that we can make a difference in the world. Our social impact strategy focuses on global poverty alleviation, and we strive to employ responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices throughout our supply chains.